• A Story of Self Interest

    ....self-interest doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The decisions that best serve our aims are often shaped by the values and expectations of the tribes we belong to. Our families, our religious beliefs, our country, and our ethnicity all create value systems that reward and punish us for different actions.....
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Sex, Drugs, and… Social Enterprise??

When I think of  a Rock Star a number of descriptive words come to mind.  Sex. Drugs. Women. Sin. Howling unapologetically into the mic. Obscenely cavorting, hip thrusting, and speaker humping on stage.When the Japanese think of Rock Star, they think of this guy: Could the Japanese student at the Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise … Continue reading

Opportunities for young social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is something like the Wild West. It’s this open frontier of emerging possibilities that is so new that there are very few direct paths in place. If you want to design your own unique models for addressing social problems, you just have to cobble together resources and people, and experiences in your own … Continue reading

A Story of Self-Interest

Let’s imagine, a tribe of cave men and women are suffering a rough winter and have gone for months without a good slab of uhh…mammoth. One night, three cavemen are sent to hunt down a mammoth. One is the hunting chief, the other two are assistants. Let’s name the backup guys Rockafeller and Marx. Rockafeller … Continue reading


A friend of mine posted this video on twitter and I was completely moved by witnessing this side of Lauryn Hill. At only 13 years old, she was able to stand before a stadium of people, who were there to judge her, and sing. The fact that children that age would risk such public rejection … Continue reading

My Best Career Investment Yet…

Smart people invest in things that matter to them. It takes money to get money. The guys in Million Dollar Listing on Bravo always show this by advising their clients  to shell out money to stage the house to move it faster. Or Ramit Sethi, the money guru who is always talking about the importance … Continue reading

Why Social Media Really Matters

Now for all the complaints about how time consuming, invasive, voyeuristic, or senseless twitter and the like have been, these communication forms are ushering in big changes to how we do good in the world,

Is Social Business the Change We Can Believe In?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by observing the political changes that have happened over the past few years, it’s that Americans are some seriously fickle people. During the Bush era, in the wake of an attack that shocked so many of us, we bound together and were “Proud to Be American”So proud, that we … Continue reading

February Goal Meetup

This has been an interesting month. I realized that adulthood scares the shit out of me simply because there is no path to navigating your life anymore. I’m part of a generation that holds living passionately and authentically as one of its highest values; I’ve got a lovely truck of college debt waiting for me; … Continue reading

An Invitation to Help Haiti in a Different Way..

Hey guys, So when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, like many of you I was incredibly saddened by the event. I donated what I could and followed reports on whatever developments were happening on the ground but for the most part felt it wasn’t enough. As I watched countless stories roll out on … Continue reading

What Haiti Could Really Use are Some New Stories.

I know a guy who thinks Cuban women are whores. The first time he made a widely disparaging comment about Cubans, I gaped at him with a look of disbelief on my face before telling him what an ignorant ass he was. To which he responded, “What? My friend who went to Cuba told me … Continue reading