A Jackson 5 Inspired Christmas

With so many people being unemployed and underemployed, it’s time to get creative with your gift giving this year. I think it’s a great opportunity to focus on what Christmas really means to you and get back to that.


When is Blogging Our Discontent Not Enough?

So, while rushing from Georgia State’s cafeteria to class one day, I bumped into this obnoxious display: Since Atlanta is this fabulously gay bubble in a sea of conservative bible-belt Georgians, it’s not uncommon to see people by train stations or parks listing reasons why homosexuals (homeless men and women, fornicators, porn watchrs, and wanton … Continue reading

Would You Rather Be a Girly Man or Lady Gaga

Last night I went out with a few friends to see a local band called GirlyMan play at this cozy Atlanta venue called Eddie’s Attic. The 3 members of this trio harmonized beautifully and had a variety of interesting well-written songs. But what was so refreshing about watching GirlyMan last night was how damned happy … Continue reading

December goals

These are the my December Goals for the Brazen Careerist Goal Meet-Up 1-score high enough on math placement exam to get into calculus 2-complete trinidad research paper 3- complete a week of nutrition logging and devise nutrition plan 4- At least 3 blogs a weeks.

Jeans and Judgement.

I’ve been saying for months now that I should go to the gym. Anytime a beautiful sweaty muscle-bound physical trainer saunters into my Starbucks, I recount the days when I used do samba, capoeira, and a few runs on the treadmill a week. I earnestly discuss the new stretches I’ll employ once I get back … Continue reading

Why Capitalism Doesn't Entirely Suck

As a sociology and economics double major I am constantly surrounded by academic peers from two seemingly different planets. I used to be like many of the sociology kids (and adults for that matter) that seem to hold this view that anything pertaining to money, business, capitalism, and god forbid….the free market….is inherently evil. Bad. … Continue reading

Recession's Silver Lining

Coming of age in what has been dubbed the country’s worst economic crisis since the depression has its frustrations. It is no fun graduating from college with a newly minted degree worth $20,000 in rising debt and no job prospects in sight. That pristine vision of hightailing it to a new condo in a new … Continue reading

Hello Ghetto Peeps!

This was the opening line of a tweet one of my closest friends wrote yesterday. It then proceeded to critique the “pointless conversation” that he overheard young “hoods” have on the way home. Like many who have varied opinions on what is needed to encourage progress in poor communities of color here, he went on … Continue reading