December goals

These are the my December Goals for the Brazen Careerist Goal Meet-Up

1-score high enough on math placement exam to get into calculus

2-complete trinidad research paper

3- complete a week of nutrition logging and devise nutrition plan

4- At least 3 blogs a weeks.

4 Responses to “December goals”
  1. Carlee says:

    Very simply put! How are you going about logging nutrition for a week?

    • Kim says:

      l I carry a tiny notebook with me everywhere I go so I’ll be using that to jot down everything I eat and around what time I eat it from this Sunday to next Sunday. I’ll use that to evaluate where I’m eating most unhealthily and what food choices I should switch to in these places. i.e.- I work at starbucks so will very likely be cutting out the apple fritters I eat on my snack breaks and opting for some fruit instead.

  2. Valentina says:

    Kim, after reading your post before the goals (about the difficulties of going to the gym) I kind of expected you would make that your goal. And I am positively surprised that you took the nutrition logging instead. Wise choice! This will take less initial investment (in terms of time and actually getting up and doing it), but it will definitely already have an effect on your subconscious getting to work on a routine. So who knows, for January you will be back in the gym. Or at least getting off the bus a stop earlier to walk the last 500 m to the office (works wonders if you do it every day. Well, rainy days excluded.)
    Good luck with all your goals! And I will be checking for those 3 posts a week (as this is also my goal).

    • Kim says:

      Hey Valentina,

      The reason I didn’t jump into physical gym goals right away is because i’m getting a surgery done on the 30th of December that will limit how much exercise I can do for 4-6 weeks. Whatever momentum I would have gained up till then would have been broken by the surgery. So I think i will take this time to focus on nutrition (which is something I often neglect) and once I’m in good physical state will kick it up a notch with exercise. working in extra walking will certainly help too thanks!

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