What Haiti Could Really Use are Some New Stories.

I know a guy who thinks Cuban women are whores. The first time he made a widely disparaging comment about Cubans, I gaped at him with a look of disbelief on my face before telling him what an ignorant ass he was. To which he responded, “What? My friend who went to Cuba told me … Continue reading

Overcoming the Fear of Choosing

Being indecisive is perhaps my most frustrating weakness. When I get in line at my favorite pizza joint, it takes me a full 5 minutes to decide between the lasagna or the pizza. when I finally decide I’ll have pizza I have to make the agonizing decision between the 4 toppings that I’m considering.The internal … Continue reading

Text 501501 to Help Out in Haiti

This is a remarkable example of how technology is being utilized to mobilize people to give. Text YELE to 501501 to automatically become one of many who have given just $5 to help Haiti through this time. Yele is an organization founded by Haitian music artist Wyclef Jean. You know you’re gonna spend $5 before the … Continue reading

Are NonProfits the Next in Line for Extinction? pt1

There’s a lot of talk about the end being near. The Mayans predicted some kind of end to mankind around this time next year. Christians have been predicting the end of days for God knows how long. Between predicted droughts and melting ice caps in the environmentalist doomsday dialogue, there are a whole bunch of things that aren’t expected to survive this generation. Perhaps one of them are non-profit organizations.

January Goal Meetup

Hey Guys! Here’s the report on how things went last month and what I want to do for January. I have a feeling I’ll be adding to this but this is it for now. enjoy! 1-score high enough on math placement exam to get into calculus- I was excited about this one for sure! The … Continue reading

Getting to the Soul of Leadership

Last weekend I saw the movie Invictus and really enjoyed it. The film managed to capture the challenge of transitioning South Africa from a country under the racist regime of apartheid to a nation that was lead by a black South African leader. It’s a great movie because whether you are well versed in South … Continue reading

Lessons Learned Spending New Years in a Hospital

So a few months ago, while I was getting my annual medical exam, my Ob-Gyn frowned and said “hmmm”…a reaction nobody wants to hear at their annual. After a few more tests I was told there was an 8 inch long, 3 inch wide, 1.5 inch deep unidentified mass hanging out in both ovaries. I was freaked out at the thought of something the size of a small puppy being inside of me but had a calm and even keeled approach to the surgical removal of the mass. That was of course, until I realized that there was a very real possibility that both ovaries would be removed in the process. American writer Cynthia Oznick once said:

“When something does not insist on being noticed, when we aren’t grabbed by the collar or struck on the skull by a presence of an event, we take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude”.