My Best Career Investment Yet…

Smart people invest in things that matter to them. It takes money to get money. The guys in Million Dollar Listing on Bravo always show this by advising their clients  to shell out money to stage the house to move it faster. Or Ramit Sethi, the money guru who is always talking about the importance … Continue reading

Why Social Media Really Matters

Now for all the complaints about how time consuming, invasive, voyeuristic, or senseless twitter and the like have been, these communication forms are ushering in big changes to how we do good in the world,

Is Social Business the Change We Can Believe In?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by observing the political changes that have happened over the past few years, it’s that Americans are some seriously fickle people. During the Bush era, in the wake of an attack that shocked so many of us, we bound together and were “Proud to Be American”So proud, that we … Continue reading

February Goal Meetup

This has been an interesting month. I realized that adulthood scares the shit out of me simply because there is no path to navigating your life anymore. I’m part of a generation that holds living passionately and authentically as one of its highest values; I’ve got a lovely truck of college debt waiting for me; … Continue reading

An Invitation to Help Haiti in a Different Way..

Hey guys, So when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, like many of you I was incredibly saddened by the event. I donated what I could and followed reports on whatever developments were happening on the ground but for the most part felt it wasn’t enough. As I watched countless stories roll out on … Continue reading